Customer Marketing Group

For more than 25 years, Customer Marketing Group (CMG) has helped leading and emerging consumer packaged goods brands maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their retail customer investments.

How do we do it? A dedicated team with exceptional analytical rigor and real world industry experience fully focuses its expertise on the complex job of optimizing all retailer related activity and spending. CMG team members don’t just provide analysis and advice, we are seasoned practitioners who help clients navigate the rapidly evolving retail environment to achieve their financial objectives.


We help you manage slotting dollars efficiently and develop realistic, mutually beneficial plans that organically grow your business.

Pricing Architecture


Our experienced team of analysts can provide actionable recommendations that support both headquarter and field pricing objectives.


We bring rigorous analytical methods combined with decades of learnings to help you better manage the purchase environment.

“CMG has been instrumental in giving us the tools and firepower to compete and go toe-to-toe with the big boys. I would highly recommend CMG as a cost-effective solution to manage and, more importantly, optimize trade spend.”

Doug Bouton

President & COO, Halo Top Creamery

“I have worked with CMG in two different companies. They have consistently helped us improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our marketing spending which has enabled us to have much greater impact in the marketplace. Unless you are our competitor, I encourage you to consider CMG.”

Chuck Marcy

Former President and CEO,
Healthy Food Holdings

“CMG helps brands take the “art” out of managing trade and applies science. If you follow their advice your trade dollars will become more effective. They enable small CPGs to have one less thing to worry about.”

Mike Cooke

VP of Sales, Daiya Foods

“CMG is not only a functional expert in the area of trade spending, but also a strategic advisor to senior management. Their technical expertise in trade spending and investment combined with their world class analytical capabilities, makes them a truly unique and invaluable partner.”

Doug Radi

CEO, Good Karma


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