Who We Serve

Who We Serve

“CMG is a true ally and partner to the VP of Sales at any CPG. The team is really vested in analyzing, understanding, and delivering insights to help grow our business in a sustainable way. They are willing to do whatever it takes to provide data driven solutions even at short notice which we all know is sometimes required.”

Alex Boden

General Manager, Plum Organics

“CMG has been instrumental in giving us the tools and firepower to compete and go toe-to-toe with the big boys. I would highly recommend CMG as a cost-effective solution to manage and, more importantly, optimize trade spend.”

Doug Bouton

President & COO, Halo Top Creamery

“CMG helps brands take the “art” out of managing trade and applies science. If you follow their advice your trade dollars will become more effective. They enable small CPGs to have one less thing to worry about.”

Mike Cooke

VP of Sales, Daiya Foods

“CMG customizes their analysis to answer your specific questions and converts their learning into recommendations which they stand behind. The reliability of these recommendations has stood the test of time.”

Carter Elenz

President, Orgain, Inc.

“CMG customer service is off the charts. Not only are they highly experienced and competent, their advice is practical and actionable. They are always available to bounce ideas off of and get into the nitty gritty details with the sales team to make things happen.”

Fernando Herrera

VP of Marketing, Deoleo

“CMG is a key partner in helping Weleda accelerate growth in North America: defining strategies, helping our sales team manage through price changes, and optimizing trade promotions across a number of categories and skus in multiple channels. They also help us optimize shopper marketing by analyzing our retail specific investments, allowing us to learn which tactics are most effective and further enhancing the value we bring to strategic customers.”

David Laugen

VP Sales, Weleda North America

“I have worked with CMG in three different companies. They have consistently helped us improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our marketing spending which has enabled us to have much greater impact in the marketplace. Unless you are our competitor, I encourage you to consider CMG.”

Chuck Marcy

Former CEO, Horizon Organic, Healthy Food Holdings and So Delicious Dairy Free

“My marketing and sales teams have too much data going to too little use. CMG brings to life all of my data and brings insight into my most complex analytical problems…To me they are the ultimate problem solvers.”

Pat Muldoon

CEO, Forward Foods

“CMG is not only a functional expert in the area of trade spending, but also a strategic advisor to senior management. Their technical expertise in trade spending and investment combined with their world class analytical capabilities, makes them a truly unique and invaluable partner.”

Doug Radi

CEO, Good Karma

current and former clients

Applegate Farms
Blue Dog Bakery
Chock Full o’Nuts
Clif Bar & Company
Community Coffee
Daiya Foods
Dang Foods
Del Monte Foods

Don Francisco/Gavina Coffee
Good Karma Foods
Halo Top Creamery
Harmless Harvest
Hills Bros.
Horizon Organic
Hungry Jack Potatoes
Kibbles N’ Bits
Lindsay Olives
Serenity Kids

Madhava Sweeteners
Mamma Chia
Meow Mix
Musco Family Olive Co.
Orgain, Inc.
Plum Organics
Post Foods
Seventh Generation

So Delicious Dairy Free
Sprout Organic Foods
Tate’s Bake Shop
Vital Farms
Earth’s Own